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The Struggle with the Twist

Here's the thing: I'm writing a supernatural/light fantasy series. The problem: the reveal. I don't think I've said anywhere on this website or in social media just what Xander is. Because not knowing is important to maintaining your attention during the first half of the book! But I'm worried that without the reveal, or being overt about the supernatural aspects, that I'm not going to hit the right readers.

I would love some feedback on the current draft of the blurb for Acorn. What do you think—does this build enough intrigue to make you continue without the big spoiler? Would having it categorized appropriately on Amazon as a supernatural fantasy be enough to hook you with this blurb?

Please comment below with your thoughts!



Erica Wright has just graduated from high school when her uncle, Keith, goes missing. Putting off college—a step she's not sure she's ready to take anyway—she returns to Juniper Falls, the small Southern Oregon town where she was born, to support her grandmother with running the family business. As she grapples with what she wants from her future and reconnects with old friends, she stumbles into Xander Reed, a former classmate she thought died years ago. When Keith’s body is found buried in the town cemetery between two enormous white oak trees, Erica starts looking for answers to what happened to her uncle and how his death is connected to the mysterious Xander who she can’t get out of her head.


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