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I jumped pretty hard back into this project around Christmas, and it's paid off.


I have so much editing to do. I know there are small details that I dropped that need to be threaded into the narrative. There are several places where the tension needs to be ramped up. I'm mildly concerned there are some plot holes in my climax. But overall I'm happy with the flow of the story and where it wound up. The draft came in around 81,000 words, and I'm interested to see what it looks like after editing.

After I finished the draft of Acorn, I lost my mind and made this website. This time, I did something a little more fun: I commissioned my covers!

Guys, I love them. Like, I'm almost more proud of these covers I didn't even design than the 150,000 words I've written. They give life to the stories in a way that the black and white can't.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should set up my self-publishing imprint. It feels a little pre-mature, but I don't know how much time it takes for all that paperwork to process. Maybe that will be my business move when I finish White Oak.

How are you guys feeling about the covers? Would you read them?

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