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Well, turns out you can't hype yourself out of a block. I was so excited in my last post. I really thought that I had cracked Book 2. Honestly, I'm not second guessing any of the decisions I made during my outlining frenzy. And yet I find myself incapable of advancing my story. I have spent hours upon hours staring at my laptop screen, but my fingers don't move. I have tried bribing myself—100 more words and I can watch an episode of Younger (seriously, how has no one ever told me how bingeable that show is) or finish this scene and I'll drive myself to the grocery store for some chocolate.

I can't do it. I decided to take a week off of writing. Maybe I am just burnt out. But I find myself bored and listless. Taking a 20 hour/week hobby down to zero leaves far too much time to spend on Reddit.

What's interesting is that I'm at almost the same place in Book 2 as I was when I put down Book 1 for FIVE YEARS. I'm about a third of the way in, and I need to firmly establish the central conflicts of the book. I have about four chapters until I'm at the half-way point, and I have a killer scene that I'm very excited to write. Most writing tips would tell me to just write that scene, but I know myself. If I do that, I'll never use it. Too much will change, details will get lost. I have to move forward, but HOW?

I think maybe the issue is will power. When I was so successful with writing every day last year, I was also on a strict exercise routine. I would wake up at 5:30AM and either run or do Pilates. Then I would work, cook dinner, and write. Every day for five weeks, same routine. I lost 30 lbs last year. Since our move, all the routine has been broken. I've put half the weight back on. I eat like crap. I don't exercise enough. Maybe the same lack of will power that is making me physically lazy is also making me mentally lazy.

So here is my commitment. Starting today, I am going to reintroduce DAILY vigorous exercise and DAILY writing. I am going to whip myself back into shape with the goal of delivering a summer body and a summer book. I'll let you know how it goes...

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